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Connect with Managers Just Like You

01 You want to be a great Manager

You got the title + want to develop into the confident leader I know you can be

02 But you haven't received enough training

You're aware of some skill gaps + want to fill them

03 You want to feel more confident, not like an imposter

You recognize there are new challenges with management + don't want to feel in over your head

What If You Had.... 

... a space to discuss the common challenges within management;

  • without needing to feel you have all the answers

  • without HR or your manager monitoring you

  • and without judgement. 

It's a space where you can openly connect with others Managers, who also feel the pains of management, who want to discuss and overcome challenges, who are there to genuinely support and share experiences?

That space exists!

Hosted by Laura Lillie
Manager & Executive Coach 

  • I’ve coached over 100 people leaders through the stickiness of managing people using coach-learning to teach techniques that drive results

  • These managers are engaged, have increased team productivity + belong to a community of leaders that people actually want to work for

  • With over a decade as a HR Leader, I’ve experienced the fascinating, challenging and just plain weird sides of ‘people in business’.

  • A British born adventure seeker who moved to Canada on a whim without work, friends or family and create a home!

The Manager Collective

An open space to receive regular & real time coaching on some of the toughest challenges in management.

An opportunity to connect with other Managers wanting to build confidence, develop their skills & share experiences.

A safe environment where there are no silly questions.


Laura Lillie has a great way of tailoring her messaging to the specific person, removing the reliance on a generic coaching. Her passion and enthusiasm is an asset to anyone interested in developing their skills. 

Michael Heyman

Head of Growth | 4x Start-Up Leader | Mentor

The Key Features

Heart & Hands

Monthly Group Coaching

60 minutes of coaching.

Join an intimate group of leaders, once a month, who willingly share + work through real time challenges and receive guidance and coaching to move from "Oh shit" to "I got this"!

who willingly share”

Heart & Hands

Learn Fundamental Skills

Focused coaching on fundamental areas of manager development.

Receive actionable tools, frameworks and playbooks that you can practise and implement in between group coaching sessions. 

The Outcomes

Heart & Hands

Gain Community 

Be connected with leaders who are empowering themselves, invested in their own development + know you're not alone in Management. 

Heart & Hands

Gain Fundamental Skills

Receive actionable tools, frameworks and playbooks that support implementation of learning in between group coaching sessions. 

Heart & Hands

Gain Confidence

Get the support you need + learn to work with imposter syndrome + show case yourself as the kick-ass manager that drives results.

I’ve been exposed to coaching my whole adult life, but Laura Lillie really takes it to another level. She comes with such a plethora of knowledge and experience, both personally and professionally. I feel supported in sessions and she also finds a way to make sure that I know she’s cheering me on outside of sessions and celebrating each one of my wins

Purvaja Sekar

Director, People Operations 

3 month cohort starting July 2024

$55 Per Month

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 11.30.58 AM.png

Apply to Join The 
Manager Collective 

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