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Becoming a Manager isn't easy.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Partner with Laura Lillie to learn the fundamental skills of management, 
drive high performing teams
and elevate your confidence as a leader.


Why Laura Lillie?

I have over a decade of experience as a Human Resources professional and have coached over 100 managers & Leaders.  I have witnessed the lack of training + enablement that comes with the promotion into Management. 


The current execution focused management style is dying out and a new growth minded style is moving in. 

My goal is to empower Managers to power up high performing teams that drive results.  

 During my 90 day Emergent Manager Programme I teach fundamental skills of management, while coaching you through the implementation of your learning.  

Bespoke to Your Needs

This is about you and I'll meet you where you're at. 

I create bespoke programmes to support your professional development 

Coach -Learning Approach

We will work through real management challenges and I will coach you through frameworks that get results + elevate your confidence.

Accountability + Honesty

This is your opportunity to learn and embrace a growth minded leadership style that will increase your teams performance, engagement + retention. 

Emergent Manager Programme

A programme that will have managers going from "Oh shit" to "I got this" in 90 days.

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The Results... 

Rachel Pagliarini, USA

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

"Laura Lillie has been the most helpful in guiding me through a career transition where I went from an individual contributor to a manager. Specifically, she helped me activate my leadership tools including formulating actionable 1-on-1 discussion points with my directs, crafting effective performance reviews, and making space for mindful self check-ins."

David Galvin

Sales, Team Leader

"Laura Lillie has been incredibly helpful in coaching me to better seek to understand situations and people first, before I just respond or jump into problem solving mode.  She has coached me in asking key questions to drive engagement with my team, and help them understand where I am coming from with decisions that are in their best interest and the company's too."

Michael Heyman

Head of Sales + Growth 

"I had the pleasure of working with Laura for over a year. She has an incredible way of driving accountability, helping me both stay focused and reach my goals. She also provided me with actionable insight into my own self-awareness, allowing me to make meaningful changes in my life. Her guidance was invaluable, and I found our sessions to be both fulfilling and enlightening.”

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