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What Clients Say ...

Michael Smith 

Team Lead, Accessibility 

Laura's insights, particularly through the lens of Human Design, were profoundly resonant and eye-opening for me. I was  blown away at how accurately Laura was able to capture and describe my energy type, strategy, authority, life path, and other key elements that make me who I am. 
The whole experience has provided me with a newfound clarity and energy (no pun intended) that I'm really eager to apply in both my personal and professional life. I feel like I've been given a priceless gift – the gift of understanding myself on a much deeper level, and for that, I honestly cannot thank you enough.
Thanks, Laura, for sharing your expertise and for the gift of self-awareness that you've given me. I knew instinctively when I responded to your LinkedIn post that this was going to be a game-changer.

Kenni Tang 

Solutions Engineering, Team Leader

Being new to leadership, I felt a lack of formal guidance and resources other than peer mentorships that I initiated. When I started working with Laura, she filled in that gap with her knowledge, experience, and innate ability to connect with me on a human level. Her coaching was extremely impactful, from breaking down various management situations and offering perspectives I had never considered, to more direct support of how to facilitate difficult or awkward but necessary conversations. The best part is that she embodied the right philosophy of coaching--support from Laura was never simply ask-and-answer. Instead, she helped me understand my own instincts and personality strengths, and through these discussions led me to my own solutions that continue to shape who I am as a leader and a professional today.

Siena Michaud

Sales Development Manager

The biggest thing that Laura Lillie has helped me with is finding my inner voice in the mist of new policy and procedure as a Manager. There is a different level of confidence  needed as a Manager, and overcoming self doubt was a struggle and it stretched me out of my comfort zone. Laura Lillie gave emotion and practical advice, as well as objective thinking and grounded me in my own logic to boost trust and confidence in myself. She provide tools and techniques to support better self and time management and enabled me to show up for myself and my team better.

Michael Heyman

Head of Sales

I had the pleasure of working with Laura for over a year. She has an incredible way of driving accountability, helping me both stay focused and reach my goals. She also provided me with actionable insight into my own self-awareness, allowing me to make meaningful changes in my life. Her guidance was invaluable, and I found our sessions to be both fulfilling and enlightening.

Rachel Pagliarini

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

Laura Lillie has been the most helpful in guiding me through a career transition where I went from an individual contributor to a manager. Specifically, she helped me activate my leadership tools including formulating actionable 1-on-1 discussion points with my directs, crafting effective performance reviews, and making space for mindful self check-ins. I’ve appreciated her supportive and collaborative approach to coaching - I always felt like I had someone in my court who understood my challenges and knew how to best navigate them. She is a good listener with an inquisitive nature - these traits helped to really identify and properly address pain points.

David Galvin

Sales, Team Leader

Laura Lillie has been incredibly helpful in coaching me to better seek to understand situations and people first, before I just respond or jump into problem solving mode.  She has coached me in asking key questions to drive engagement with my team, and help them understand where I am coming from with decisions that are in their best interest and the company's too.  Furthermore, I have appreciated the safe place to vocalize my concerns, thoughts, and ideas and also allow space for me to practice before I jump back into the real-world live scenarios with my team and colleagues.  She has cognitively helped me change my way of coaching my team, from being action oriented problem solving, to guiding my team to better problem solving on their own and help them as I can.  I've learned it is not so much about what I say but more about what I ask and draw out in that person.

Anna Carrozza, Canada

"Laura was fantastic! She explained every little detail of my Human Design chart. Understanding my energy type allowed me to accept parts of myself that I was resisting, and gave me clarity on where I was stuck. I deeply enjoyed my session!"

Dan Fox, Canada

“Thank you so much for the awesome Human Design reading Laura! Was very in depth and accurate AF!

Definitely highly recommend "

Meike Martin, UK

“Laura brought Human Design into my coaching session and not only did it help me understand my whole-self better, it helped me understand my partner better too. We are now more aligned as a team. She has incredible emotional intelligence and brings out the best in others"

Purvaja Sekar

Director, People Operations 

I’ve been exposed to coaching my whole adult life, but Laura Lillie really takes it to another level. There’s an endless list I can give, but if I had to pick, here are my 3 favourite things having Laura as my coach:


  • Guidance and Expertise - Laura Lillie comes with such a plethora of knowledge and experience, both personally and professionally, that no matter what I come to her with, she always has something so valuable to add and have me consider

  • Accountability - Laura Lillie has an empathetic but tough love approach, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s no option to fall short of yourself!

  • Motivation - Ease and comfort is what comes to mind. I feel supported in sessions of course, but she also finds a way to make sure that I know she’s cheering me on outside of sessions and celebrating each one of my wins

Seriously, don’t spend too long thinking about it - coaching is life changing in a general sense, but Laura has a way of 10 x'ing those results, you won’t regret it! “

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