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Harness your energy to fulfill your potential. 

Why should know your Human Design? 

Human Design is a system that reminds you of who you really are and can make your dream life a reality.


Simply by using your birth details; a detailed body chart is produce that outlines your authentic energy type, personality traits, talents & strengths, challenges and how best you can bring alignment into your life. 


The benefits of Human Design lie in its ability to provide deep self-awareness, helping you understand your unique traits and tendencies, enabling you to make informed and aligned decisions for better results.


A reading with me, offers you insights into communication styles, work preferences, and interpersonal relationships in order to enhance your personal growth, improve relationships, and guide your towards fulfilling your fullest potential.

Human Design Energy Type

45 mins (In person or virtual)
$175 CAD

This is a light touch introduction to your Energy Type. If you're curious to know more about the energy you hold, and how you put that into the world, this is perfect for you.


We will explore your Strategy for decision making and expose your inner Authority for recognizing what is, and isn't, aligned to you. 

You will receive written tools specifically tailored for you so that you can start applying the insights and knowledge to your everyday life.

We can meet in person or virtually depending on availability.

Deep Dive
Human Design Full Chart Reading

90 mins (In person or virtual)
$250 CAD 

Perfect for those who are ready to take the plunge in raising their self awareness and ready to ask questions! 

We will dive deep into your Human Design chart focusing on:

  • exploration of your energy type, strategy, authority and profile.

  • exposing your defined centres and identify areas of your potential conditioning 

  • reviling your incarnation cross (life purpose) and how that shows up in your life


You will receive written tools specifically tailored for you so that you can start applying the insights and knowledge to your everyday life.

These session can be completed virtually or in-person.

Michael Smith 

Team Lead, Accessibility 

"Laura's insights, particularly through the lens of Human Design, were profoundly resonant and eye-opening for me. I was  blown away at how accurately Laura was able to capture and describe my energy type, strategy, authority, life path, and other key elements that make me who I am. The whole experience has provided me with a newfound clarity and energy (no pun intended) that I'm really eager to apply in both my personal and professional life. I feel like I've been given a priceless gift – the gift of understanding myself on a much deeper level, and for that, I honestly cannot thank you enough.Thanks, Laura, for sharing your expertise and for the gift of self-awareness that you've given me. I knew instinctively when I responded to your LinkedIn post that this was going to be a game-changer"

Discover More before Committing

A Human Design reading is a commitment to your self-development.

If you are completely new Human Design or both; I take the guess work out by offering a free 15 minute Chemistry call.  I introduce you to the modalities and enable you to get comfortable with what to expect from a reading with me. 

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