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Give yourself the space to deliver

Why should you invest in coaching?

Personal coaching provides you with clarity, accountability, and skill development, to help you  overcome obstacles and achieve goals.


Through a collaborative relationship, I promise to contribute to increasing your confidence, support decision-making, and overall enable you to personally grow towards your goals.

3 month Program

Ready to commit to raising self awareness and achievement of your goals? 


Together we will dive deep into topics and areas of your life you want to explore. Some areas that might come up:

  • Finding sense of meaningful work

  • Understanding your personal boundaries

  • Building confidence in yourself 

  • Building authentic relationships

  • Greater fulfillment in your current circumstances

  • Building trust in yourself and others

  • Living a life in accordance with your unique values and strengths

  • Explore your Human Design to remind you of your natural gifts and traits


What's included:

  • 12 weeks of coaching to amplify your personal life towards your goals

  • Action opportunities to practice in-between sessions, so you can continue to develop throughout the entire program 

  • Bi weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching video calls where you will get direct support, help with your challenges and resolve your questions to keep you moving

  • Additional 30 minute goal review call to celebrate you achievements and reset your goals beyond the program to keep you accountable to your growth

  • Access to your coach in between calls to get real time support, through a private slack channel or Whatsapp group 

The outcome:

You will leave with a clear perspective of your personal goals, greater access to your own resourcefulness and have taken multiple steps towards creating your dream life.

Meike Martin, UK

“Laura brought Human Design into my coaching session and not only did it help me understand my whole-self better, it helped me understand my partner better too. We are now more aligned as a team. She has incredible emotional intelligence and brings out the best in others"

Discover More before Committing

Coaching is a commitment to your self-development.

If you are completely new to Coaching, I take the guess work out by offering a free 30 minute Chemistry call.  I introduce you to my coaching methods and modalities to enable you to get comfortable with what to expect from a partnership with me. 

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