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The mastery is in the continuation

Individual Session
50 mins 

These are great sessions for those who have completed a coaching package or for one off situations that come up in your personal life.


I hold space, and guide you through any conditioning that is blocking you from achieving your goals. Some areas that might come up:

  • Navigating a difficult conversation 

  • Getting unblocked on a decision

  • Understanding and setting goals 

  • Repeat situation you have already be coached on 


If you have explored your Human Design with me, I use this knowledge to remind you of your natural gift and inner tools.

You will leave the session with a clearer understanding of your situation, your values and an actions you can take to move forward authentically. 

Discover More before Committing

Coaching is a commitment to your self-development.

If you are completely new to Coaching, I take the guess work out by offering a free 30 minute Chemistry call.  I introduce you to my coaching methods and modalities to enable you to get comfortable with what to expect from a partnership with me. 

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