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The support you deserve in management

Why companies should invest in coaching.

 The transition into a Management role is not as simple as giving orders and getting results.

Effective management is crucial to driving and achieving company goals.

Coaching enhances leadership capabilities, communication skills, and emotional intelligence, ultimately leading to high employee engagement, increased performance, and improved retention.

On top of that, manager development coaching builds a culture of continuous learning & personal growth, which not only benefits the managers, but achievement of company goals. 

 In an ever-evolving business landscape, companies that prioritize the development of their managers through coaching will remain agile, competitive, and well-positioned for long-term success.

Coaching Programs

With over a decade of experience as a senior Human Resources professional, I have seen top performers move into Management and not get the support and guidance they need to be successful - that stops now!


I use the Canadian Training Institute's Co-Active coaching method, combined with over 10 years of experience as a HR Professional, to provide Manager coaching that drive confidence and business results.

Together, we'll discover your management strengths, areas for development and personal goals to get you achieving the results you and your company are looking for.


3 months

New to management and wanting to hit the ground running?

Moved into management without 0 training on how to manage others and drive results?

This ones for you!


Get ready to set clear goals, learn about your management style as well as how to drive your team performance that gets results.


6 months

Been a manager a while and want to level up your leadership skills?

You have important work to do but there is too much "people stuff" in the way?

This ones for you!

Get ready to set stretching goals, effectively work with your team and integrate yourself as a leader.

Discover More before Committing

Coaching is a commitment to your self-development.

If you are completely new to Coaching, I take the guess work out by offering a FREE 30 minute discovery call.  I introduce you to my coaching methods and modalities to enable you to get comfortable with what to expect from a partnership with me. 

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